What is an EIO Card?

  • Affordable (£4.99) In Case of Emergency device with no subscription fees
  • Built out of durable and waterproof PVC, the card contains NFC technology (the same technology used in contactless payments) and a unique QR code to enable it to work with all smartphones
  • For first responders to receive vital medical information
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Why purchase an EIO Card?

  • Less than £5 with no subscription - cheaper than paper based alternatives
  • Waterproof unlike alternative cards - makes it useful for outdoor sports activities
  • Avoids potential problems in reading handwriting
  • More robust than paper based solutions
  • Don't need to buy a new card if your prescription or phone number changes, just change your details online
  • You can purchase multiple cards which all connect to the same profile (update the profile and all cards instantly get updated) - eg. so you could have a card in the house (near the entrance), in the wallet and potentially the car as well
  • Can store more information than a traditional paper based card at no extra cost
  • The EIO card works worldwide

How does the EIO Card Work?

Purchase a card online
Register an account online
Scan the card to see public data

What can be stored on an EIO Card?

  • Next of Kin / Emergency contact details
  • Medical Conditions
  • Medical Prescription
  • GP details
  • Allergies
  • Dependents at home - eg. People/pets
  • Medical Conditions
  • Medical Prescription
  • Notes that would help in an emergency
  • Anything you feel would be useful for a first responder

Who is the EIO card suitable for?

  • Anyone who wants to store emergency contact details
  • People living with medical conditions
  • People who take medication
  • Vulnerable adults and children
  • Holidaymakers
  • Students living away from home
  • People who may live at home alone
  • People who go walking/fishing/do outdoor activities

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2048 bit encrypted connection with one of Europe's largest data centres.

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Easy to setup and just tap in an emergency situation.

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Low cost lifesaving product that doesn't break the bank.